Spare 195°F or 180°F Thermostat and o-rings
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This fits the "Thermo-Bob Original" and "Thermo-Bob 1" (which have a 6 bolt pattern and install IN the coolant line).  Newer Thermo-Bob 2s for the KLR650 have a 3 bolt pattern and mount to the cylinder head and use a different 'stat from our calalog.

195°F is standard in all KLR650 Thermo-Bob kits because they are controlling the coolant temperature headed OUT OF the engine.

180°F was standard on all snowbike applications.

180°F "Super Stat" was standard in all Versys, KLR250, KLX250s and KLR600 applications as those were controlling the coolant temperature headed INTO the engine.  This particular 'stat was also standard on Rotax applications.



O-rings that come with your purchase:

Large Diameter, skinny o-ring comes with all kits.

All KLR and KLX applications will also receive the Small Diameter, fat o-ring as well.

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"Thermo-Bob Original, Thermo-Bob 1" Spare T-stat and O-ring(s)

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