This kit is for 2017 and newer KTM500 XC-W and EX-C models, as well as the Husky FE450 and FE501.   There is a "KT5A" kit for the 2016 and older models.  Please see other products for the version that fits bikes that do not come with a factory thermostat.

These are some of the most popular bikes used in the snow, and even have a factory plastic thermostat housing with bypass - but still run cold because they have 158°F thermostats that don't totally close off radiator flow when below rated temperature.  They have a large thermostat bleed hole that is fine when used as a dirt bike, but on a snow bike it becomes an issue as you just can't afford to send that much coolant flow through the radiators.  The Thermo-Bob 4 is an aluminum housing with a 176°F (80°C) thermostat inside, has different temperatures available as options, and has a port for a temp sensor with a 1/8 BSPP thread. 

The aluminum Thermo-Bob 4 fits in place of the factory plastic thermostat assembly.

The Installation Manual has not been published yet but we will send photos.

A full technical write-up when used on a Kawasaki KLR650 can be found here.

  • Item #: TB4-KT5B

Thermo-Bob 4 for KTM500, Husky FE450/501: 2017 and newer

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