LED Headlight for 1987-2007 KLR650 - FREE SHIPPING in U.S
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The dismal headlight on A-model KLRs (1987-2007) is something that people have tried to improve over the years.   THIS headlight from JNS Engineering is an LED and makes the most significant difference of all options I've seen yet.  As soon as I installed this light on my KLR, I knew this was something I should carry in this store!

Instead of putting an LED Bulb in your 1970's designed reflector, you'll get much better results by removing your factory headlight entirely and installing this new-technology LED light in its place.  It's a direct plug-and-play installation (took me about 5 minutes), and puts out significantly more light.  An added bonus is that it uses less power than the stock light!

Check out the attached photos - the light output is much 'whiter' (6000K) than the yellowish factory light and there's significantly more light spread out over a wider area in front of the bike.  High beam adds light high at the center of the pattern, further up the road.  The factory headlight uses 55 watts on low beam and 60 on high - this LED uses only 16 watts on low beam and 27 on high!   There is also a daytime running light feature that burns less than 3 watts if you choose to hook it up to a switched 12V source.  I left this unhooked on my bike.

The LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours.  There is no cutting, no drilling, and no wiring modifications.

There are two colors to choose from, Chrome or Black. Light output and beam pattern is the same for either color.

LOTS more light and it burns half the power... win-win.

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LED Headlight for 1987-2007 KLR650 - FREE SHIPPING in U.S

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